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EVO POS system for bars & restaurants

POS Systems & Credit Card Processing

BankCard POS has been offering point of sale solutions since 2008 and in that time we have come to have a firm understanding of the point of purchase procedures that work best in any particular industry.

We have provided low rate credit card processing and POS Systems to restaurants, bars, liquor stores, food trucks, convenience stores and small retail business owners across the country with nothing, but positive reviews.

BankCardPOS understands that a lot of information needs to changes hands in a fast, effective, easy to follow and extremely secure manner for merchants and their customers to feel satisfied with the transaction. Our point of sale experts have spent a lot of time and money researching and developing POS software and hardware solutions for merchants across the nation that require vastly different and particular needs when it comes to POS solutions.

Our management and support team at BankCard POS have worked with thousands of merchants in various retail, e-commerce, and other POS situations around the globe developing customized POS hardware and software solutions to meet the demands of hundreds of different types of businesses, which gives us experience, expertise, and affordable solutions that are extremely hard for our competition to match.

BankCard POS is a leader in Restaurant POS systmes & POS Software

BankCard POS-Merchant Services Partners

In fact, POS system providers and merchant account providers across the country resell our point-of-sale solutions, because it really is that hard to match our pricing, service, and overall customer satisfaction results.

BankCardPOS is more than capable of providing you with the absolute best POS system for your particular business, because are experts in many different types of Point of Sale systems and we have extensive knowledge in developing POS software and menu building. We are capable of tailor making POS and marketing solutions for your particular business with proven products like custom websites, online ordering, touch screen point of sale stations, customized POS software, merchant credit card processing accounts, customized gift card solutions, cash advances, financing, and practically anything a small business may need to get started.

EMV compatibile free credit card processing terminals

Customized POS Systems

Our management and sales teams understand many different business environments and can work with you to choose the right solutions from a very wide range of possible POS, marketing, financing, and business solutions to fit your particular needs. We can provide everything from the latest Touch Screen POS systems and websites with online ordering to basic cash registers. The main goal of everyone at BankCardPOS is to simply give every business owner in the country every reason possible to have us provide their POS and website related solutions.

The management team at BankCardPOS has many years of combined experience in the Hospitality and Food Industry to go with their business ownership, marketing, POS systems, information technology, change management, and internet skills, which is why BCPOS is probably the best bet to streamline your business in the most cost effective and stress friendly manner. The solutions that we can help you choose for your POS, merchant account, and internet marketing needs should help you achieve maximum user satisfaction to go with a healthy and impressive return on your investment.