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Merchant Account POS Cash Advance

We have the capital to help keep your business run smoothly or grow depending on your particular needs.

BankCard POS has plenty of Cash Advance options for our merchant partners including short-term 3 to 12 month commercial loans for a vast variety of operational needs that business owners face from time to time. Our merchant account partners can get cash to cover dips in their cash flow, take advantage of time sensitive opportunities, invest in advertising, get new equipment, or cover many other cash needs through our cash advance programs. We can provide funding for small to bigger businesses in all sorts of industries across the nation as long as the merchant has at least 6 months of operating history and a minimum of $15k in revenue per month.

We would need a merchant to fill out an online application and submit the last 4 months of bank statements for consideration in regards to taking out a cash advance with our decisions being made in as little as four hours with money being available almost immediately upon our decision.

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Private Lender Partners = Fast Cash Advances

BankCard POS and our private lender partners can invest in projects that institutional banks typically don’t, won’t or take months to consider. Everyone at BankCard POS understand that a merchant that needs cash usually needs it in a hurry, so we have done what we can to make the process as fast, easy, inexpensive as possible. We like forming and earning win-win relationships with our merchant partners and part of being a good partner is being able to float cash when possible.
We are not brokers and don’t make a habit of investing in businesses or loaning out money unless a merchant partner that uses our payment processing, point-of-sale, or other services could use a little help to get by. We stand behind every loan from start to finish, because we stand with our merchant partners and look forward to being a part of their business success.

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Quick & Easy Cash Advance Process

Our approval process is quick as long as you have the last 4 months’ bank statements and the application is filled out with all the required information. We can have serious cash in your bank account within 3 business days of the contract and approval paperwork being completed. We have the ability to approve cash advances as high as $300,000.00, which can be funded within the same days.

It doesn’t matter, if you’re looking to take the next step with your business or looking to solve temporary cash flow problems, because BankCard POS will be more than happy to help in any way possible by securing a cash advance to get you from point A to point B. Almost every business in the history of business has needed help in some way or the other with cash flow, when day to day activity or events for whatever reason wasn’t working out as planned. It’s great to be in a position that allows us to build upon our win-win relationships with our merchant partners by helping them in their time of need.

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