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Are you a small business owner looking to accept credit cards for the first time? Are you a business owner looking to save significant money on your processing fees by switching your merchant account to a different provider?

Cheapest Credit Card Processing Options

I think that you came to the right website no matter what your reason into investigating cheap credit card processing is, because BankCard POS has only one goal when it comes to the merchant account side of things.

BankCard POS wants to become known as the cheapest credit card processing company out there that doesn’t compromise customer service or anything else. We different interchange plus pricing options for merchants to choose from:

  • Our “Friends & Family”: We have a plan that charges interchange plus 0.10% discount rate (10 basis points), $0.10 per transaction, and $10.00 monthly fee. This pricing plan is perfect for merchants that have a higher average ticket and significant monthly volume.
  • Small Ticket: Our small ticket plan which is designed for coffee shops, convenience stores, liquor stores, bars, food trucks, cafeterias, fast food, hot dog stands, and other merchants with average ticket of $10.00 or less. This interchange plus pricing platform charges 0.45% discount rate (45 basis points), $0.05 per transaction, and $10.00 monthly fee
  • The merchant account experts at BankCard POS can find the cheapest credit card processing services for your specific business no matter what size or type of business you have. Give us a call at 844-538-3576 anytime to discuss your credit card processing needs.


Compare Merchant Account Fees

These are our three standard programs at BankCard POS for merchant accounts with cheap credit card processing rates. However, BankCard POS is always ready and willing to discuss further interchange plus pricing options with merchants looking for savings at the point of sale.

We are always happy to provide a free cost analysis of your credit card processing statements to see what your true cost is above interchange and work with you to obtain a significant savings that warrants a switch to BankCard POS.


Lowest Credit Card Processing Rates And Fees

Providing cheap credit card processing is something that BankCard POS likes to do, because we offer a lot of other services to merchants and low cost merchant accounts is a great way to build upon a win-win business relationship with our merchant partners.

In addition to offering the lowest rates and fees for credit card processing, BankCard POS also offers: POS software, point-of-sale hardware, website design, graphic design, internet marketing, SEO, Virtual Assistance, and more.

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