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Custom Branded Gift Cards

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Custom Branded Gift Cards

Now your business can offer stylish gift and loyalty cards!

Electronic Gift Cards are replacing gift certificates. What’s best is that, unlike paper certificates, gift cards keep the balance of the transactions for future purchases so there is never a need for cash back and you can track and store customer data to be accessed via our online reporting system.

These cards also give your business additional advertising and exposure!

BankCard POS offers many different styles and designs of Gift Cards that can be loaded with different dollar amounts. Choose from a variety of typestyles and colors for your store name. Here are examples of some of the cards that can be customized to fit your needs:BankCard POS can get provide awesome gift cards

BankCard POS offers gift card solutions for regional and global merchants that have innovative functionality, which is trusted by thousands of merchants nationwide who want to use their branded gift cards to drive revenue growth, brand awareness, and customer loyalty.

BankCard POS’s gift card solutions help both small and large businesses around the country to grow their brand awareness by leaps and bounds. Our gift cards solutions have been used by a lot of merchants for almost a decade with nothing, but rave reviews, because we offer a great eye catching and affordable package.

Our marketing team will help plan, forecast, design, and deliver your awesome and unique gift card program.

Our POS Systems offer timely net settlement of gift card transactions and easy-to-use robust reporting.

Our single gift cards will have the ability to carry a balance for multiple merchants in an effort to boost brand awareness for multiple companies with a joint marketing effort.

BankCard POS can set it up so your customers are able to reload their cards online easily.

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Why does my small business need to mess with gift cards?

Answer: Well, every merchant should always be looking for ways to increase sales and relationships with customers. Gift Cards help and business owner increase sale, build relationship with current customers, and raise brand awareness with customers of the future. There are many benefits to any small business rolling out a gift card program.

  • A good gift card program will help local small businesses compete- with the national chain stores, because a lot of people rather support local businesses, but local businesses don’t always make it easy for customers to support them. Our gift card program will be easy for your customers to use, which make them more inclined to get your gift card rather than gift card from the nationwide place down the street. If you don’t have a gift card program, then you are giving the national competition a lot of money come the holiday season.
  • Outsell And Save A LOT OF $$ On Gift Certificates- A lot of gift certificates have gone missing in a lot of businesses over the years, so most business owners keep them under lock in key away from where customers can even purchase them. Gift Cards make a lot more than Gift Certificates ever will and there is a lot less risk of theft or lost inventory. Just being able to comfortably leaving gift cards on the counter will do enough to more and double gift sales in most restaurants and retail locations.
  • Gift Card shoppers tend to spend more money- because it wasn’t their money. Gift Card shoppers tend to spend more, because they really want to enjoy their gift. Not only do gift card shoppers tend to spend more, but they also tend to come into places more often or perhaps for the first time simply, because someone gave them a gift card. It supports the theory that business owners should find every possible way for their customers to pay them and make it as easy as possible.
  • Gift Cards present a rare opportunity for business owners to build relationships- with two completely different set of people in both the gift giver and the receiver. By offering discounts and incentives for people to buy gift cards and discounts for people using gift cards a merchant give both of those individual parties a really good reason to like the business. Studies show that over 10% of all people using a gift card at any particular location had never been to or rarely visited the business prior to getting a gift card. It’s a chance for the merchant to make an awesome first impression or another opportunity to further earn that customer’s business again in the future.
  • Reloadable gift cards help build relationships- between consumers and local business owners like few other marketing strategies, because gift cards can be reloaded easily on a merchant’s website, which saves the customer time, money, potential social anxiety, and rewards them with savings.
  • Gift cards combine with our advanced reporting- on our POS systems gives merchants the ability to track purchases, buying habits, and other information about their customers, which leads to a great ROI for the gift card program.

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