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Interchange Plus Pricing Means Low Transparent Rates And Fees

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Interchange Plus Pricing Means Low Transparent Rates And Fees

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Have you been wondering: What is Interchange Plus Pricing? Will Interchange plus pricing help me save money on my merchant account? What is a good interchange plus rate? What is Interchange Pass through?


Interchange rates refers to what Visa and MasterCard charge a processing bank to process a particular transaction. Interchange rates vary according to the type of transaction, how the transaction was processed, information collected, ticket amount and other factors. Interchange Plus refers to the markup that the processing bank charges a merchant to process the payment through their electronic payment system.

There are no confusing and hard to figure out qualified, mid-qualified, and non-qualified tiers involved with interchange plus processing rates, which makes interchange pricing easier to negotiate and fairer to the merchant.  The statements with interchange pricing will be more detailed and can be harder to understand at first, but a merchant should see a significant savings with interchange pricing as the processing bank’s profit doesn’t grow with the amount of non-qualified transactions.

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If a merchant wants a cost comparison and wants to shop for the “best credit card processing rate” then the merchant should shop interchange plus pricing among some merchant account providers.

It’s not always easy for a leopard to change It’s spots, so some processing banks will claim to have the lowest interchange plus rates, because they don’t markup the discount rate much or at all, but they fail to highlight their mark up on transaction cost and monthly fees. It is important that merchants look for the best “effective rate” when shopping for the best credit card rates. The effective rate is determined by taking the total amount of money processed divided by the total cost of processing the transactions including discount rate, transaction fees, monthly fees, annual fees, start-up costs and other fees.

BankCard POS prefers to use interchange plus pricing and we have some excellent interchange plus pricing options to choose from. Please feel free to contact us directly for a free payment processing cost analysis any time and we would be glad to see if we can earn your merchant account business.

The perception among most people is that you have to work extremely hard to negotiate the right interchange plus processing fees with a merchant account provider, but that isn’t true in all cases. BankCard POS offers all merchants no matter how big or small an industry low pricing format of 10 basis points above interchange, $0.10 per transactions and $10.00 a month. Now, we aren’t hard to negotiate with and can adjust the transactions fee, discount rate, and monthly fees depending on average ticket size, monthly volume and other needs of our merchant partners.

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Our goal at BankCard POS is simple, when it comes to credit card processing in that we want to earn the merchant account and long-term business of every merchant that we can.  Our plan is simple: offer the best solution at the best and most transparent pricing available.

It is our belief that offering the best solutions at the best prices while providing the best customer experience possible will not only earn us the opportunity to get the merchant’s business, but the business of that merchant’s friends. Please feel free to contact BankCard POS at any time to test our sincerity on the matter and have a fantastic day!

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