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POS Software Partners

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POS Software Partners

Point-Of-Sale Software

Supermenu is partner of BankCard POS and provides one of the absolute best options for POS software.

Supermenu POS Software for Restaurants

Easiest Point of Sale Software, perfect for all types of restaurants:


Main Features:

  • Easiest point of sale software
  • Integrated online ordering & mobile ordering
  • Integrated online reservations
  • Free email marketing software
  • Free graphic coupon builder software
  • Free text message marketing software
  • Built-in gift card and on-line loyalty program
  • On-line customer relation management system
  • Online and email reporting
  • Wireless pos systems


Advanced features:

  • Self Ordering Kiosk
  • Customer loyalty program
  • Customer referral program
  • Award online reservation
  • eGift Certificate program
  • Customized coupon creator
  • Twitter integration
  • Text Message marketing



CLICK HERE to view the training and demonstration videos for Supermenu POS SOFTWARE.


Cash Register Express POS software


CASH REGISTER EXPRESS™ POS Software for Retailers

Increase your profits with Cash Register Express™, a cost-effective, computerized cash register that keeps your inventory costs down, reduces theft and makes more money!

Cash Register Express™ is the first Windows®-based POS system exclusively for retail and video stores. Its easy-to-use interface makes it a breeze to manage your store.

  • Track sales and inventory
  • Rent videos and equipment
  • Create membership accounts
  • Perform look-ups by category
  • Manage your store’s books

…and these are just a few of the features of Cash Register Express™!

CRE POS Software

POS software by Cash Register Express

Earn More Money!

Cash Register Express™ allows you to use one database for ALL transactions and inventory. Why bother with list after list of endless details and counting headaches? Our software gives you more time and more money! Purchase your computerized cash register from Bankcard POS and let your retail store run itself!

What About Retail POS Online?

Yes! You can add even more speed to your checkout with complete internet credit card processing provided by Bankcard POS!

BankCard POS offers real solutions



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