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Retail Point Of Sale Systems

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Retail Point Of Sale Systems

BankCard POS offers quality POS Systems at Wholesale prices.

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If you’re shopping around for the best point-of-sale system and most cost friendly POS solutions for your particular retail business, then you made it to the right place.

BankCard POS is a leading industry expert, when it comes to retail point-of-sale systems, because of our experience with the various hardware components and POS software needs of retail businesses. Our retail POS systems can connect all the faucets of your business together including your retail store, inventory instore, warehouse, mobile and e-commerce sites. BankCard POS merchant partners are able to track everything about their retail and ecommerce business in one single point-of-sale system.

Can you integrate my retail store with my website?

Yes, our customer service department can integrate your website into your retail point-of-sale system. Our retail POS system can make it easy for you to complete sales both in store and online, while tracking the inventory control, money, customer satisfaction and many other important points of interest.

BankCard POS can probably even make you a website for free to earn your POS and merchant account business. We have made websites for hundreds of merchants and enjoy making the website do as much credit card processing as possible. We consider helping our retail POS customers make money online one of the great perks to our jobs at BankCard POS.

Everyone at BankCard POS works hard to earn and build upon every relationship that we establish with a retail business. Helping merchants that specialize in retail realize similar success is rewarding for BankCard POS on many different levels.

BankCard POS prides itself on the ability of making any retail business that uses our POS services more efficient and profitable by utilizing all of the features of the systems and skills of our customer service representatives.

We consider it our responsibility at BankCard POS to make life extremely easier at your retail location by providing a point-of-sale system that does more than process transactions and tracks inventory.  Our Point-of-sale solutions are supposed to make everything from accounting to reporting easier while also helping you grow both your retail and online business.

Our retail POS systems come with the standard touch screens, barcode scanners, printers, cash drawers, credit card reader, and computers running POS software that is second to none in the industry. We offer pre-configured retail POS systems as well as completely custom point-of-sale systems depending on the needs of the merchant.

What is one of the biggest advantages of using a BankCard POS retail point-of-sale system? 

There are a lot of great features and aspects to our point-of-sale systems, but the biggest benefit that comes with our retail point-of-sale system is the reporting, accounting, and inventory control that comes with our retail POS software. Every transaction is processed immediately with inventory and accounting updates in a manner of seconds. Our retail POS systems can make it easy to track many thousands of different items in your retail store helping you keep track of location and stock count of your inventory up to date by the second.

Our retail POS systems keep track of your inventory, order history, price of your inventory, profit margins, sales, employees, schedules, and many other aspects of your business. Small leaks will sink the greatest of ships as every retail business owner knows, so inventory control and knowledge is perhaps the most important aspect of maintaining a retail location.  Tracking inventory has been known as one of the most time consuming and miserable aspects to the retail business since the first retail store in history opened, but our POS system makes it unbelievably easier than most retail business owners ever dreamed possible just a few short years ago to track and maintain a healthy inventory.

Call Now For More Information On Retail Point-Of-Sale Systems: 844-538-3576

Retail POS systems & credit card processing for retail locations

BankCard POS has been known to give away seriously awesome POS systems for free to the right merchants that open up a credit card processing account with us.


Many retail businesses have gone out of business due to not having enough or having too much inventory throughout the history of business. Our retail POS software makes it very easy and a lot less time consuming than ever to monitor and track your inventory and sales. Now, it is obvious that nothing beats physically tracking your inventory and nothing ever will, because it’s great to actually see what you are working with, but our POS software definitely cuts down the amount of times you will have to work extra or overnight to do inventory control in a year. Our POS systems also makes physically tracking your inventory easier by utilizing the wireless scanners and other features to log the inventory.

Our retail systems will let you know what your best selling items and who your best customers are as well as letting you know your peak hours and promotions. Our retail POS solutions track everything.

Our retail POS systems aren’t just where you collect money for your business, because our retail point-of-sale systems are designed to be the central command post of your retail locations. Our point-of-sale systems are designed to be so helpful and contain so much information about your retail business that you will quickly rely on it as you would the most important tool at your disposal.  Our retail POS systems are designed to help you grow both your retail and online business while making your employees and customers happy with the experience.

Retail Merchants that worry about the cost of our point-of-sale solutions typically don’t realize that our POS systems typically save the average retail merchant partner anywhere from 10-20% of their cost of doing business. That average cost of doing business savings associated with using a BankCard POS point-of-sale solution definitely makes up for the original investment in the POS system in a short period of time.

Our Retail Point-of-sale systems meet the biggest needs of any retail merchant: ease of use, inventory control, functionality, reasonably priced, and supported with the right technical and customer support 24-7 every day of the year. Contact us anytime to get more information on how our BankCard POS can specifically help your retail business.

Call Now For More Information On Retail Point-Of-Sale Systems: 844-538-3576


Retail point-of-sale systems

BankCard POS has the right POS solution for your retail location and budget.


Retail POS Systems

Bankcard POS provides an industry leading retail point of sale software. Cash Register Express® can handle all your retail point-of-sale payment processing as well as barcode scanning and inventory management. Along side these typical retail POS software needs, Cash Register Express® also includes extra benefits and features that many other POS systems don’t.

Retail POS System Key Features:

  • In-depth reporting
  • Faster transaction times
  • Faster employee training
  • Track customer history
  • Automate purchase orders
  • Integrated credit card processing
  • Complete inventory management
  • Minimize inventory shrinkage & loss
  • Tracks all sales for accurate accounting

Retail Credit Card Processing

BankCard POS has the best retail merchant account solutions for small and large businesses; because we offer transparent interchange plus credit card processing rates, fees, and assessments that are hard to beat. Our POS experts can help you figure out all the credit card processing terms and facts, while also educating you on interchange plus rates and fees.

We have been helping retail merchants save a lot of money and streamline procedures at point of sale since 2007 with thousands of businesses served.

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