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Best POS Systems For Restaurants

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Best POS Systems For Small Businesses

BankCard POS offers quality POS Systems at Wholesale prices.

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What makes BankCard POS think that they have the best POS Systems for small businesses?

Well, our POS systems are affordable and do a lot more than accept credit cards and process orders as our POS solutions also save business owners a ton of time in Accounting, Inventory Control, Staff Management, and other so many other areas. Our POS Systems will enable merchants to gather custom data, market easier, track sales, learn about customer trends and many other things that just make life easier for any restaurant, bar, coffee shop, hair salon, or retail location.

iPad POS Systems

BankCard POS can provide the latest and great POS solutions at the best price around. iPad Pos Systems.

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Buying or even trying to find the right POS system to buy for your business can be as daunting an experience as it a vital one for the success of your business.  BankCard POS has providing merchants with POS Software, POS Hardware and complete POS Systems since 2008 and in that time we have helped thousands of merchants find the best POS solution for their particular business. It took us years to really master all the different components that go into finding and implementing the right POS procedures for any particular business. We can use our experience and wholesale connections to give you the absolute best POS solution at the absolute best price.

We helped merchants in Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Fort Worth, New Jersey, New York, Seattle and all over the rest of the rest of the country. We also offer all of our merchant partners 24-7 personalized customer service with actual industry experts that can remotely login into your POS system and fix just about any issue online. We also have service technicians across that country that can come to your business should there be an issue that we can’t fix online.

BankCard POS is not the biggest POS solution provider or the biggest credit card processing company, but we feel strongly that we can make a case for being the best, because we simply want to serve our merchant partners better than they can get served anywhere else.

We have wholesale pricing on our POS hardware and we have the absolute cheapest credit card processing programs for any small business. We consider it our mission statement to help merchants save money at the point-of-sale, market their business better, and save time while boosting their sales.

We have cheap and easy-to-install iPad and Android POS software, so you can save a lot of money on your POS system.  Our iPad POS systems are perfect for many types of restaurants fine dining to bars, fast-food, cafes, pubs, food trucks, hot dog stands, and more. The iPad and Android POS systems that we set up will provide your restaurant with flexibility and mobility, so that you can run your restaurant exactly how you need.

take credit cards payments with your phone

BankCard POS leads the way in mobile credit card processing


Benefits that BankCard POS offers that makes us the best POS System provider:

  1. Cost-including equipment cost, monthly fees, & credit card processing rates.
  2. Customer Service-We have hands the best customer service in the industry with your POS experts available 24-7 every day of the year.
  3. POS Hardware options like touch screen monitors, desktop POS Systems, iPad, Tablet and smartphone or android units.
  4. Reporting Features-We have POS software that tracks everything involving your business and integrates directly into most accounting software like QuickBooks.
  5. Online Ordering-We can create a website and integrate your POS system enabling online ordering, or we can integrate into your existing website at no additional charge.
  6. Complete Customization- We know that your POS system has to work with and around your business needs.



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