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Local Los Angeles POS Hardware & Software Company

Call Now 844-538-3576 for more information on POS systems and credit card processing!

POS Systems & Credit Card Processing

BankCard POS provides the best in services & pricing for POS & Merchant Account Solutions. Call us at 844-538-3576 for more information.

Since 2008 BankCard POS of Los Angeles has serviced merchants with point-of-sale systems for every industry type and size of business imaginable. We have a vast amount of relationships with POS hardware and software manufacturers from around the globe that allows us to work with any type of POS system currently on the market. Our experience and volume of clients using these POS systems have enabled us to offer small to large business owners in Los Angeles and the surrounding areas the very best in customer service and pricing, when it comes to their merchant accounts and point-of-sale solutions.

EMV credit card processing terminals for free when opening a merchant account.

EMV credit card processing terminals for free when opening a merchant account.

Any merchant looking for the right POS company in Los Angeles or the greater Los Angeles area has a lot of options, because there are a lot of companies that do a good job locally, when it comes to providing quality POS Systems and Software. However, there are not many companies in Los Angeles, or other local CA cities, or the nation actually that can claim to offer the very best deal in the point of sale and credit card processing industries. BankCard POS can definitely make the claim of providing the very best deals in credit card processing and point-of-sale solutions.

BankCard POS does not have hidden fees in regards to our credit card processing services and we don’t have long term contracts, or early terminations clauses, because we want our merchant partners to stay with us, because they are doing well in their business and are happy to work with us. BankCard POS relies on its merchant partners in Los Angeles and the greater Los Angeles area to refer their business owner friends to us, so that our business will grow, so we provide the absolute best prices and services to make our merchant partners more likely to refer us. BankCard POS does not consider customer satisfaction anything less than absolutely vital to our business in Los Angeles.

Our reps will take the time to question you and find out everything that they can about your POS needs, before they even attempt to suggest a POS solution, because the truth is that a merchant in any type of business has many options, when it comes to POS hardware and POS software and we want to make sure that our merchant partners get established with the very best POS system for their particular business.

Call Now 844-538-3576 for more information on POS systems and credit card processing in the Los Angeles, CA area!!

Most POS companies in Los Angeles, CA dream of having sales representatives with almost two decades of experience in the merchant service industry, but BankCard POS has a few available representatives with that level of experience. Our representatives understand that each business even those in the same industry may need different POS systems or POS software depending on the specifics of their day-to-day operations and requirements. Most POS companies in Los Angeles or the greater Los Angeles area for that manner simply pitch the same POS system to every business owner without much consideration for that business owner’s individual needs, because that is the only system that their POS company works with, or has confidence in providing. Our success rates and customer satisfaction records makes us feel extremely confident that we can find the appropriate POS solution for your business the first time around. Many business owners in Los Angeles that have bought POS systems or established merchant accounts with our competition have had to come to us for help, after spending thousands of dollars on the wrong solution for their POS needs.

It is definitely worth the time to shop around and find the best POS solution for your business, before any committing to a POS system that can be the difference in long term success and going out of business. We encourage every merchant in Los Angeles or the surrounding CA areas to investigate options with at least two or three different point-of-sale solution companies, before making a decision, because that is what we would do and it is the best way to confirm that you’re making the right decision by partnering up with BankCard POS.

It won’t take long during your free consultation appointment to see the difference in experience, attitude, and passion that the representatives at BankCard POS has over the other local POS companies. It’s not a knock on our competition, but simple truth in terms of what BankCard POS brings to the table. We know that you will get a POS solution that fits your business like a glove, when you partner with us, because we know beyond a shadow of a doubt how to find the right software and hardware for your business the very first time.

We have EMV & Online Ordering Options

EMV credit card processing terminals for free when opening a merchant account.

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Our vast merchant account experience that spans decades has made our team experts in understanding many different types of business and their needs. Our goal is to provide the most affordable and complete POS systems available to our merchant partners including personal support, accurate accounting and inventory software. We have data specialists that work around the clock to insure that our merchant partners have plenty of storage and backup data with security that meets the highest standards of the POS and credit card processing industries.

Every business is different even those in the same industry and never use a POS company that offers a POS solution that claims to fit the needs of business, because the reality is that a POS system that could actually fit every business would be extremely expensive should it actually exist in the first place. Our POS experts don’t just sell you the POS system and software, before calling it a day, because that POS expert will be with you as long as you are with us. Our POS experts manage every merchant partnership that they establish in Los Angeles and they stay working with you as long as you are working with us. We establish a strong support team for every business that works with us, so our merchant partners know who is going to answer the phone and help them with any issue, whether large, or small.

POS system & software for bars

BankCard POS has the best quality options at the lowest prices online for POS systems and solutions.


Choose to work with the best POS providers in the Los Angeles area by choosing to work with BankCard POS. Our POS experts pride themselves on the quality of service and personal attention that they provide to every merchant partner in Los Angeles. We offer the best in POS solutions and personal attention to every business owner no matter how large, or small that business may be. Call BankCard POS today to set up a completely obligation free consultation regarding your point of sale needs and you will be glad that you did, whether you are in Los Angeles, CA or anywhere else in the United States.

We have great financing options for Restaurants looking for POS systems.



Call Now 844-538-3576 for more information on POS systems and credit card processing in the Los Angeles, CA area!!

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