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iPhone Credit Card Processing

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iPhone Credit Card Processing

BankCard POS mobile credit card processing solutions are perfect for small business owners looking to accept credit cards through their iPhone; because we make it really easy to accept all types of Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express payments right through your iPhone at the lowest rates and fees available. Our iPhone credit card processing service is cheaper than most of the other merchant account providers and our service is really easy to setup.

EMV & Interchange Plus Pricing Merchant Services

Call the honest credit card processing company at 844-538-3576! Swipe Credit Cards and process them with your phone!

You will get a small credit card reader that plugs right into your iPhone that will enable you to process all major credit cards with a quick swipe. You’ll also be able to key the credit and debit card information into the phone as well, but try to swipe the cards to avoid a higher processing rate.


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iPhone Credit Card Reader & Security Features

BankCard POS can provide an iPhone credit card reader that encrypts credit and debit card information, so you can accept payments conveniently while out on the road, or on the go without putting your customer’s data at risk. Our iPhone merchant account solutions are all secure and 100% PCI compliant. BankCard POS uses the latest encryption and tokenization tools to make sure that every credit card transaction that is processed through your iPhone is safe from hackers and thieves.

small business credit card processing

BankCard POS can provide small business owners with the absolute best payment processing solutions for their business.

BankCard POS makes sure to keep your credit and debit information safe with Point To Point Encryption (P2PE), tokenization and all the latest technology to insure PCI compliance.


take credit cards payments with your phone

BankCard POS leads the way in mobile credit card processing, Call 844-538-3576 for more information on our Android POS Solutions.

BankCard POS Makes Accepting Credit Cards Through A iPhone Easy

BankCard POS makes it really simple to get a mobile merchant account set-up, so you can start taking credit card payments through your iPhone right away. Just contact our point of sale experts, fill out a simple application, and plug your credit card reader into your iPhone, when it comes in the mail. Our mobile merchant account solutions will allow you to sell, refund, and even pre-authorize transactions through your iPhone in an instant. You’ll be able to sign and email receipts right to your customers easily through your iPhone.

Credit Card Processing on your iPhone couldn’t be easier, than it is with BankCard POS. Call our POS experts at 844-538-3576 to get signed up an iPhone merchant account solution today and get your free iPhone credit card swiper in just a few days.

iPhone Card Reader

  • Can process credit and debit magnetic stripe cards
  • Works with iOS®, Android, and Windows® devices
  • Plugs into your smartphone or tablet’s audio jack
  • Credit Card Reader is FREE, when you open a merchant account
Chip Card Reader
  • Processes cards with magnetic stripe, EMV chip, contactless, or Apple Pay
  • Available on iOS® and Android devices
  • Connects to your tablet or smartphone through the Bluetooth feature.

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