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Boston IPad POS Systems

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iPad POS Systems by the best reviewed POS Providers in Boston!

Check out our Google Reviews & compare them with other POS providers to see the difference!

Restaurant POS Systems Hardware & Software

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BankCard POS specifically designed their iPad POS systems with full service restaurant and bars in mind. Our iPad POS software is top of the line and feature rich with everything from robust bookkeeping, to inventory control, to employee management, to payment processing and more. These iPad POS systems are built to be speedy, accurate, secure and able to integrate with major accounting software not that you should need help with accounting after installing our iPad POS software.

Our iPad POS systems are fast as anything else on an iPad and enjoys the same responsiveness and ease-of-use of any popular iPad application. The iPad POS systems are very reliable and run as fast as your high speed internet will allow.
BankCard POS can provide Boston area merchants with the iPad POS systems and POS software at the best price guaranteed. We have been providing Boston restaurants with POS systems since 2008 with thousands of merchants having been served nationwide. We have provided hundreds of merchants completely free websites over the years as well to enable their Boston area restaurants and local retail businesses to accept online orders. Integrating credit card processing services and online ordering to your website and iPad point-of-purchase system is something that shouldn’t cost extra to do.

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BankCard POS is a leader in Restaurant POS systmes & POS Software

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BankCard POS’s iPad POS software will provide you with all the accounting, employee, inventory control, and all the other date that you will need to make your Boston area business grow. Our iPad POS software is fast, intuitive, and accurate which makes everything involving your restaurant easier to manage and less time consuming. Our iPad POS software is also cloud based so your precious data is also backed up and completely secure. You can check your reports on inventory, staffing, sales, customer data and even change your menu anytime you want right through your phone, iPad or other mobile devices.

Our iPad POS software biggest strengths include the robust data analytics, detailed accounting, and all the other reports that are available at your fingertips in an instant.


Our credit card processing services have become known to Boston area merchants as well, because we have the lowest and most transparent interchange plus pricing offerings around.

The POS systems and POS hardware that we offer are EMV compatible which insures that Boston area merchants will be able to accept EMV credit cards and have limited liability with the credit and debit cards that they accept.

POS software menu building

We build menus for free when you purchase POS software and establish a merchant account. We may even build you a completely website.

Our POS experts can help you decided what kind of POS software that you need for your business. We can integrate POS software into your accounting software and websites at no additional charge. We can also integrate your POS system into your EXISTING MERCHANT ACCOUNT. We would love to have an opportunity to earn your credit card processing business, but we will also gladly provide you a POS system and lifetime support without processing your credit cards for your Boston business.

Everyone at BankCard POS works hard to earn and build upon every business relationship that we can establish in Boston and we look forward to perhaps working to help your business grow as well.

We provide Boston restaurants and some select retail locations with completely free websites that are set up to accepts orders online. We also will work to promote the website for your Boston business by posting blogs and social media updates to help you draw in more business. We look at every client as a merchant partner and we have a vested interest in helping your business grow at the point-of-sale, online, or wherever we can. Call us to learn more about our FREE WEBSITE deal at 844-538-3576.

Call Now 844-538-3576 for more information on iPad POS systems and credit card processing in the Boston area.

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