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Restaurant POS System

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Restaurant POS System

BankCard POS offers quality POS Systems at Wholesale prices.

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Everyone knows that you will need a point-of-sale system to accept credit and debit payments if you plan on opening a restaurant, café, or bar. However, most people realize that today’s POS systems do so much more than simply process payments. Point-of-sale systems provided by BankCard POS can do everything from track inventory, text/email receipts, compile and analyze all sorts of sales and customer data, manage employees scheduling, make invoicing easy while providing countless other features.

BankCard POS is a leader in Restaurant POS systmes & POS Software

Contact BankCard POS, if you have bar & restaurant POS System, Hardware, & Software needs.


There are a lot of options for restaurant and bar owners when it comes to picking out a point-of-sale system and a lot of them are really good options, but there are few great options and even fewer options that compare with BankCard POS, because BCPOS is committed to offering the best purchasing prices for the hardware and software while also offering free menu setup, unlimited and unrestricted customer support, free websites, online ordering, free site integration and so much more that other POS systems providers can even dream about matching our solutions.

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The owners of BankCard POS have owned Restaurants and understand how much most restaurant owners have come to rely on their point-of-sale systems to do so much more than act as a high cost cash registers. Our restaurant POS systems are designed to be easy to use, efficient, fast, reliable and able to track everything you need to track as a restaurant owner from employee scheduling to inventory control.

POS SOFTWARE Partners with Super Menu

EMV compatibile free credit card processing terminals

BankCard POS has specialized in offering the best restaurant point-of-sale solutions in the industry and a large number of merchant account providers rely on BankCard POS to handle their point-of-sale system needs. Our point-of-sale systems and POS software are resold by merchant account providers across the country, because we offer the absolute best restaurant point-of-sale systems in the nation. We have developed POS software for everything from online ordering, EMV compatibility, menu building, website integration, reporting enhancements and more.

BankCard POS has become known among industry experts and large merchant account providers as possessing the absolute most reliable restaurant point-of-sale systems in the United States, which is why so many of them use our POS solutions. Using our POS systems means that you don’t have to worry about down time, because our systems have less down time than any other system out there on the market. Our customer service representatives are available to fix any issues that you may be facing with your POS system at any time day or night every day of the year. Our representatives can usually correct any issues you may have with your POS system remotely in a manner of minutes.

Our restaurant POS systems are designed to make everything from taking orders to processing payments faster and easier while improving the accounting and inventory management capabilities of the business all in an effort to make your day as hassle free as possible. BankCard POS really values their restaurant merchant partners and strive to earn our business relationships with restaurant owners on a daily basis. We are constantly working on ways to help our restaurant partners improve their business through their partnership with BankCard POS whether it is by improving our POS systems or offering free websites and online ordering.

BankCard POS has literally made hundreds of free websites for restaurants owners across the United States and integrated those sites into their point-of-sale systems. We like to order our food online just like a lot of people and we are always happy to help merchants establish an online presence and ordering option through their restaurant point-of-sale system.

Please feel free to contact our sales team anytime to discuss everything from your restaurant’s point-of-sale to website design needs. BankCard POS can streamline everything about your restaurant in regards to inventory, accounting, website, online ordering and so much more.

Restaurant Wholesale Point-of-sale Systems

BankCard POS is a wholesaler of quality Restaurant POS systems

Restaurant Point-of-Sale Systems

BankCard POS restaurant point of sale solutions are ideal for any restaurant or fine dining establishment. Many times these restaurants require a mulitple system set up. We help take all the guess work out of it by providing a complete point of sale configuration, food and bar menu programming, and complete table floor layout.

Restaurant POS System Key Features:

  • Automatic gratuity
  • Secure employee login
  • Automatic kitchen orders
  • Reservation features
  • Multi-lingual features
  • Gift card management
  • Group pricing levels
  • Improve staff communication
  • Touchscreen order placement
  • Guess Paging Services
  • Tracks all sales for accurate accounting

Restaurant POS System Specialist

BankCard POS is known as one of the leaders in the restaurant point of sale industry, because we started helping develop some of the biggest names in restaurant POS software many years ago. BankCard POS was providing restaurants nationwide with complete point of sale systems long before most of the huge national credit card processor companies. BankCard POS actually helped more than a few of those credit card processing companies implement their own restaurant POS system solutions.

In fact, BankCard POS can honestly claim to be the first national one stop shop for restaurant owners looking for point of sale system and credit card processing solutions.

BankCard POS has set up thousands of restaurant merchants nationwide with complete point of sale systems that include online menu building, online ordering and website integration at no additional charge. BankCard POS works hard to establish a solid relationship with every restaurant owner that we help with POS system and credit card processing needs; because we want to earn your business for the long haul. We don’t just want your point of sale and credit card processing business to make as money as possible today. We are looking to give you the absolute best deal for your restaurant point of sale system and merchant account, so that you never feel the need or desire to use another company. We will work to improve your restaurant’s online performance and do what we can to help you market online and through loyalty, gift card, and reward programs, so that your business grows and you have even more reason to enjoy being a merchant partner with BankCard POS.

Our reviews from restaurant owners across the country on Google speak for itself. We have overwhelmingly positive reviews on Google, because we work hard to let every restaurant owner that we work with know that we have the best interest of their business at heart. Our focus is simple: provide high quality wholesale POS hardware with the right POS software to fill the restaurant owner’s specific needs while giving them the lowest rates and fees possible for their credit card processing service.

Our merchant account rates and fees vary a little bit for every restaurant depending on their average ticket size, monthly processing volume, the way cards are processed, and type of POS system being used. BankCard POS also doesn’t charge restaurant owners monthly minimums, batch fees, and other random added or hidden fees like some other credit card processing companies. Please feel free to call the restaurant POS experts at BankCard POS today for more information on our credit card processing service, point of sale hardware, POS software and iPad POS systems at 844-538-3576


POS system & software for bars

BankCard POS has the best quality options at the lowest prices online for POS systems and solutions.


Our very experienced POS experts will work with you to learn about the many different aspects of your restaurant business and determine what the best point of sale system is for your particular business. Our point of sale experts will analyze every aspect of your business, before they offer a POS solution that will fit the exact needs of your restaurant business. Your restaurant point of sale system will be easy to use, do everything your staff wants, do everything that your accountant wants, and it will do basically everything else besides cleaning the kitchen. We have spent many thousands of hours finding out what point of sale systems work best and we have reviewed them all many times, so you don’t have to and you can trust that you are working a POS authority.

Your restaurant will have a point of sale (POS) system that combines durable and hi-tech POS hardware with easy-to-use POS software that does everything you need and more with the cheapest credit card processing in the country from the most reputable company online that stands behinds it’s products with a lifetime warranty. We don’t definitely don’t charge to answer your questions about anything restaurant point of sale or small business credit card processing, so call us for free information at 844-538-3576.

Our restaurant point of sale (POS) systems has the following features: individual employee logins, employee swipe cards, different user permissions, social media tools, split bill/ticket option, view tables, floor plan, inventory management, PCI compliant credit card processing, EMV credit card compatibility, customer loyalty/gift cards/reward programs, robust reporting, catering tools, bar tabs, digital signature support, ingredient level monitoring, employee management tools and a whole lot more.

Restaurant Point of Sale System Prices

How much does a restaurant POS system cost?

There are obviously a lot of variables at play with all of the POS hardware and POS software options out on the market today and the cost your restaurant faces filling its point of sale needs can vary just as much. The POS experts at BankCard POS consider it their job to provide you the absolute best fit at the best price for your restaurant.

  • Restaurant POS software costs as little as $200-$1,000 normally, but BankCard POS may be able to provide a POS software solution at no additional cost for your restaurant, if you open a merchant account or purchase a POS system.
  • Complete restaurant POS systems can typically run between $1,000 to as much as $5,000 per station depending on what type of system with what additional features.
  • If you have some computers, or POS hardware that we can provide restaurant POS software for as little as free with a merchant account signup to as much as $500 per station depending on the type of POS software that you want to run with your restaurant point of sale system. We have different types of POS software that is ideal for different types of restaurants like fast food, take out, delivery, fine dining, and catering. We have restaurant POS software that is pretty basic and will allow you to ring up orders, settle customers, and manage deliveries while we also have restaurant POS software that does everything from inventory control, employee management, account, loyalty programs and more.
  • We can offer refurbished single station or multi-station complete POS systems with 15” LCD touchscreen monitors, refurbished CPUs, cash drawers, printers, kitchen components and restaurant specific point of sale software.
  • A one station POS system bundle with a quality computer, 15” LCD touchscreen, thermal receipt printer, and kitchen printer costs between $1,500 and $2,000.
  • A 2 station restaurant POS system runs between $3,000 and $4,000. Our 2 station POS systems typically include 2 touch screen monitors, 1-2 cash drawers, 1-2 receipt printers, a kitchen printer, credit card processing software, credit card reader and a restaurant POS software license.
  • A 4 station restaurant POS system can run between $4,000-8,000. The four station packages contain 4 computers, 4 15” LCD touchscreen monitors, 1-2 cash drawers, 3-4 receipt printers, credit card processing software, 1-4 credit card readers, kitchen printer, wireless router, and a restaurant POS software license.
  • Our prices vary depending on what whole POS hardware is currently available and what type of credit card processing and POS software is being used with the point of sale system.
  • We give discounts on POS systems, hardware, software and credit card processing rates, if we handle all of your point of sale service.

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