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Virginia Beach Credit Card Processing & POS Systems

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POS Systems & Credit Card Processing for Small Businesses in Virginia Beach
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Restaurant POS Systems Hardware & Software

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BankCard POS offers all of the greater Virginia Beach area a complete range of credit card processing and point-of-sale solutions including, but not limited to:
1. Full Integration of point-of-sale system into your business, accounting programs and website.
2. POS software
3. The lowest rates and fees in the credit card processing industry for small and large businesses
4. Complete and budget friendly all-in-one point-of-sale (POS) systems
5. Merchant Account Cash Advances
6. FREE WEBSITE with merchant account or POS system purchase. Some restrictions apply. Call for details.
7. QuickBooks Integration
8. Accept Mobile Payments through phone swipers, wireless credit card processing terminals, IPad applications and other available options
9. Email Invoicing
10. Payment Gateways for E-Commerce Websites
11. QuickBooks Credit Card Processing
12. Automatic Batch and Reconciliations with no batch fees
13. Advanced reporting features
14. Online Virtual Terminal
15. 24/7 Merchant Support
16. PCI Compliant Processing
17. EMV Compatibility
18. Website and Logo Design
19. Virtual Assistance- through our strategic partnership with Task Papa

IPad & Touch screen POS specialist

BankCard POS has great IPad POS Software for Restaurants. Coffee Shops, and Bars across the states.

***We are able to schedule completely free and no obligation consultations to discuss your point-of-sale, credit card processing, website design, and other business needs***

Free Credit Card Terminals & Transparent Pricing
Other bonuses include:
• Free Credit Card Processing Terminal, Cash Register, Mobile Swiper, or POS System
• No Long Term Contract, No cancellation Fee
• No Application Fee
• No Setup Fee
• Free Online Reporting Access
• Free E-Commerce Setup and Virtual Terminal
• 24/7 Technical Support and Customer Service Every Day of the Year

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BankCard POS specializes in providing quality POS software, POS systems, credit card processing solutions, website design, online ordering, and website-POS integration services to small business owners in Virginia Beach and nearby cities.
BankCard POS has been in business since 2008 and has provided POS and website solutions for restaurants, bars, retail locations, hospitality, service industry, mobile businesses, and just about every other merchant type all over the entire United States.

BankCard POS is a leader in Restaurant POS systmes & POS Software

Contact BankCard POS, if you have bar & restaurant POS System, Hardware, & Software needs.

Wherever you are in the Virginia Beach area, our point-of-sale experts can come out to your business location and help you with any of your needs in point-of-sale, cash flow issues, credit card processing, website design, and internet marketing areas.

Our experts can help no matter what your specific requirements are and can find the right POS system, software, and merchant account solutions to match your business needs exactly. We can upgrade old POS software, update your menu, put your menu online and setup online ordering for any restaurant or retail location in the Virginia Beach area. Our POS systems make transactions seamless and keep unbelievably detailed reports, which are easily accessible by customer service reps, managers, or accountants. Our point-of-sale systems kick out reports that are easy to understand, use intuitive POS software with LARGE easy to see button design, and many features designed to speed up the entire payment process.

We do provide all the credit card processing solutions that any small business in Virginia Beach will need, but we also provide those merchant account solutions with the lowest rates and fees nationwide. Being a local business, BankCard POS understands that small business owners in Virginia Beach can use all the help that they can get, when it comes to saving a little bit of money and we are happy to oblige as best as we possibly can.

Our representatives have your best interest at heart, because our goal at BankCard POS is to form a long term mutually beneficial business relationship with as many small and large business owners in Virginia Beach as possible. We don’t want you to invest a large amount of money into POS equipment that may not work best for your business. We will take the time to do a little research about your business and your current point of sale procedures. It’s our job to help you streamline and improve your point-of-sale procedures so that your business runs even smoother and go focus on growth instead of day-to-day operations. Our POS system installation team will make sure that everything is integrated correctly including your accounting, ordering, and employee management software, so there are no problems with any aspect of the business moving forward. It is the job of our BankCard POS sales to team to find you the most cost effective and efficient solution out of a lot of options for your particular Virginia Beach area business.

We have EMV & Online Ordering Options

EMV credit card processing terminals for free when opening a merchant account.

BankCard POS understands that it is important to understand the differences in every business, because there are different POS system options for the same type of business for a reason as different POS systems and software may work differently for different businesses in the same industry, depending on the structure and point of sale procedures for a particular business. No matter how you operate your business there is a perfect point-of-sale solution available to you and the experts at BankCard POS are able to install it and provide payment processing services cheaper than anyone in the Virginia Beach area. The management team at BankCard POS has over 40 years combined experience in providing Point-of-sale solutions in Virginia Beach and the greater Virginia Beach area. We know how to give you the absolute best point-of-sale equipment, POS software, website, online ordering, and everything else you need to get your Virginia Beach area business to grow.

Compatible and AFFORDABLE Point of Sale Systems

BankCard POS understands that running a small business effectively requires having the right tools and procedures in place to make everything in the entire transaction run smoothly whether it’s a bar, restaurant or retail location processing transactions. Our point-of-sale systems and procedures help categorize financial records and manage reports by the second as soon as your customers buys your product or pays for the service that they received at your Virginia Beach location or online. Our Point-of-sale and small business experts can come out to your Virginia Beach location and work with you on every aspect of your point-of-sale and ordering needs. We are able to schedule appointments for free face-to-face consultations in Virginia Beach or anywhere in the greater Virginia Beach area at any time.

Our POS experts can also get you set up with IPad software and other types of alternative POS systems to fit your specific needs as well. Our systems are designed to help you avoid wasting time on doing extra inventory control, locating your best employees, tracking your customers, keep transaction records, bookkeeping and accounting. We can provide IPad and QuickBooks options or we can provide multi-station POS systems depending on the needs of your Virginia Beach area business.

Retail Credit Card Processing Systems

We provide POS systems for bars, restaurants and retail businesses as well as merchant account services with some of the absolute lowest rates and fees in the nation. Our ability to provide small business owners in Virginia Beach and the great Virginia Beach area with a multitude of services ranging from POS systems to website design to merchant card services gives the ability to offer all of these services to our merchant partners at a fraction of the cost that our competition offers. Our long term business relationships with other companies including processing banks, equipment wholesalers and website designers around the world also helps us provide great products and services at unbelievably low prices.

We can integrate our POS solutions into your website, establish online ordering, and help you build your online presence. We can help with everything from taking credit cards online to social media to content marketing.
Get Affordable Small Business Credit Card Processing in Virginia Beach!

POS Systems & Credit Card Processing

BankCard POS provides the best in services & pricing for POS & Merchant Account Solutions. Call us at 844-538-3576 for more information.

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