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Are you in the greater Chicago land area and wondering: “Who is the best POS guys near me?”

Experienced POS System Specialists

Well, I am pretty sure that BankCard POS has that one covered, because our management team has been working with merchants in various types of business with the point of sales needs for longer than almost anyone. BankCard POS has worked with merchants nationwide with great success, but our favorite thing to do is get out of the office and meet with merchants in the greater Chicago area that are looking to improve their POS systems and point of sale procedures.

We like helping local Chicago area merchants in the food industry set up their websites with online ordering and integrate those websites into their point of sale systems. We make it easier for businesses to process payments in face to face and online transactions while also making the transaction faster, easier, and more enjoyable for the customers of the business.


National Point Of Sale Software & Hardware Provider

BankCard POS has successfully provided point of sale solutions to many Chicago area merchants through face to face appointments, but we are more than capable of helping merchants in New York, Houston, Los Angeles, and anywhere in the nation as well. Our POS services while originally offered in Chicago have been made available to the rest of the nation as years passed and we perfected our procedures. We currently have hundreds of POS systems in restaurants, cafeterias, food trucks, bars, smoke shops, convenience stores, liquor stores, and small retail businesses across the country.

We have merchant partners in almost every village of Chicago and we cover most of the Chicago suburbs as well, because our credit card processing and point-of-sale solutions are simply better than the competition. BankCard POS can come out to your business whether it is in the Gold Coast, Wrigleyville, Rogers Park, Lakeview, or any of the neighborhoods in Chicago to help you with your point of sale needs just as easily as we can visit a business in any of the Chicago area suburbs.


Chicago Pos Systems

We are available for a face to face appointment to discuss your POS needs, if you are located anywhere in the greater Chicago area. BankCard POS will also travel to Southern Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, and Wisconsin to meet with merchants looking for point of sale, website design, SEO, cash advance, and credit card processing solutions.

Our sales team isn’t focused on reaching specific numbers and don’t rely on commissions to pay their bills. Our sales team is 100% focus on making long term business relationships and truly taking care of as many Chicago area business owners as possible The goal is simple and achievable: Offer top end products and services to our point of sale system and merchant account customers at wholesale pricing. We have used this strategy to partner up with enough local Chicago area merchants to make ends meet, so there is no need to stick business owners with products or services that may not be the best solution for them to make reach our goals.

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