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How Much Should My Point Of Sale System Cost?

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How Much Should My Point Of Sale System Cost?

Most restaurant owners understand how important having a feature rich POS system is to the success of their business, so they research a lot of various options and demo a lot of POS software with different vendors. Many vendors even offer the same solutions, so the ultimate decision often comes down to price.

When it comes to your restaurant’s POS system, you always pay for what you get, but you don’t always get what you pay for, so it’s important to become educated on the many different types of POS hardware, POS hardware, credit card processing and complete point of sale system options that are available to you and your business. There is a wide range of cost associated with all these different components of a complete restaurant POS system. You may not pay the same upfront cost that you would purchasing a POS system as you would by taking advantage of a FREE POS System, but you end up paying more for the monthly service and credit card processing, then you would, if you paid cash for the hardware and Restaurant POS software upfront. It’s important to consider these two completely different options carefully, before making the final decision for your restaurant.

BankCard POS always encourages restaurant owners to get a few different estimates for the different point of sale options available to them to insure a great price and an apple to apples comparison; because we are restaurant merchant account and POS system options tend to look good next to the competition and we want you to know how good your deal actually is.

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Why not break down the cost of different POS Systems components?

POS Hardware

The hardware is the biggest upfront costs associated with purchasing a new restaurant POS system. The cost of POS hardware varies greatly depending on the type of POS system that you want to run in your restaurant. Older all-in-one POS systems definitely tend to cost more with options ranging from as little as one thousand per station to as much four or five thousand per station. Restaurants can save a lot of money on upfront cost and get a sleeker more impressive looking POS system by utilizing cloud-based POS software that plugs into android tablet hardware. A savvy restaurant owner can save money on the upfront cost by focusing on the individual cost of each POS hardware component rather than focusing on the total cost of the POS system.

Android POS Systems

Dual Core Cortex A9 1.2 GHz
Perfect for Retail or Hospitality Operations.
Price Checker, Inventory Checker.
Wall Mountable or Table Stand optional
Optional: Barcode Scanner, MSR.

Make sure to ask the POS companies these type of questions, when purchasing a point of sale system for your restaurant:

What’s the difference in price between tablets with credit card readers and an all-in-one solution with a credit card processing terminal?

Does your point of sale system price include credit card readers, receipt printers, kitchen printers, cash register drawers, customer display stands, barcode scanners, and everything else that I need for my restaurant, or does it cost more for any of these components?

It’s been our experience that a tablet POS system can cost between $500-$1,500 per station depending on what options you want for your restaurant.

The biggest requirement that a restaurant owner should demand, when purchasing POS hardware is that it is durable, fast and reliable enough to meet the demands of the POS software.

POS Software

The biggest factor that is going to separate one POS system offer from the other is the restaurant POS software that the vendor is offering or able to work with. BankCard POS gets a large advantage of over most other local POS system providers in this category, because we are able to work with any of the big POS software brands and we have POS software partners that have new products with less cost involved.  The cost of the restaurant POS software will vary from brand to brand and it will also vary depending on the type of functionality and reporting options that you are looking for. There are typically monthly and annual fees associated with POS software, which is another strong point for BankCard POS, because our unique partnership with various POS vendors means that have options to meet your software and pricing requirements. We believe in giving business owners all the options that they could realistically desire for their restaurant POS software, so we reached out and made partnership with many different POS software companies several years ago. We have setup thousands of restaurant owners up with POS software since 2008, so chances are excellent that we can provide any POS software that you could want for your restaurant at a low price, while being able to give you personalized customer support 24-7 every day of the year.

The price of your POS software should absolutely be a factor in your final decision, but wise restaurant owners know that this is not the area will you should put cost over functionality. POS software is often the difference between running a profitable and going out of business for many restaurants, because quality POS software can do everything from employee scheduling, inventory management, collect customer data, track sales, assist in bookkeeping, and a whole lot more. It is generally worth paying a little more for quality POS software, because of the savings it will provide in time, money, and energy in all areas of the restaurant. The biggest advantage besides cost, when you using BankCard POS to fulfill your POS software needs is the experience that our support team has with an average of eight plus years in the credit card processing and POS industries. Between the quality of POS software and the 24-7 customer support that we offer it is hard to beat BankCard POS for overall value.

It is important that you factor in the cost of customer support, when purchasing POS software for your restaurant, because a lot of POS software and credit card processing companies that provide POS systems to restaurants actually charge extra to handle customer support issues. It’s also important to ask, if there is extra charges for updates to the POS software, because some companies actually charge for that too!

Most tablet POS software vendors for restaurants charge between $75-$150 per station or tablet device. BankCard POS charge much less than average in most cases and we encourage you to ask why there is such a big difference in monthly charges. It’s important to know what you get for spending more and more importantly it is important to know what you are not going to get by spending less.

Value Added POS Features

There are a lot of additional features for restaurant POS software like online ordering, loyalty programs, gift cards. Make sure that your POS software can provide these features for your restaurant. The POS System with the right software will make it easy to implement these awesome marketing tools and make it even easier for your staff to offer and your customers to take advantage of.

Customers being able to find your restaurant online and making orders that print up on your kitchen printer, while doing all the accounting for you changes the game completely, so it is well worth the extra investment into quality POS software. Each of these value added services have a little extra cost associated with them, but most of our restaurant merchant partners really don’t mind paying for these services. We also handle the customer service for all of the POS software, POS hardware, and credit card processing services in house, so you don’t have to make more than one phone call should you have an issue with your restaurant POS system.

POS Installation and Training

Installation and training cost ranges from a few hundred to several thousand dollars with most POS vendors and some POS and credit card processing companies don’t even offer these services. BankCard POS typically saves restaurant owners a lot of money, when it comes to installation and training on their POS systems, because we have been a full service point of sale solution provider since 2008. In that time, we have learned a lot about how to install and train people to use POS systems efficiently, so we pass that savings directly to our restaurant merchant partners. Customer support, installation, and training are huge factors that a restaurant owner should consider, when making the final decision on what point of sale system to purchase and BankCard POS makes a strong case for being the best option with all these factors are taken into account.

BankCard POS provides more free customer support and free training on our POS systems than anyone else guaranteed. We do occasionally charge some customer service fees for onsite issues, but it’s usually after repeated issues that were not created on our end. Restaurants that have multiple issues with their POS system, because of things that their staff or management team does while trying to use the POS system is the leading cause of customer service charges. Typically, most of our restaurant merchant partners have very few issues and don’t get charge for occasional issues that could happen to anyone. We make small changes or complete menu changes all the time for restaurant owners without charging extra, because we value the relationship and want our restaurant merchant partners to do as well as possible.

The bottom line is that everyone at BankCard POS understands it is very important to save as much money as possible, when purchasing a point of sale system for your restaurant, but it is also extremely important to get the most bang for your buck. BankCard POS will definitely help you save money on POS hardware, POS software, Credit Card Processing, and complete POS systems, but we will also help improve your operation, expand your customer base, grow your profits, and save a ton of headaches.

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