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What Credit Card Processing Options Are Available For My Restaurant?

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What credit card processing options are available for my restaurant?

Most restaurants across the nation are accepting credit and debit cards, because they realize that a majority of today’s diners are using their cards to pay, so they can take advantage of loyalty and reward programs being offered by the bank that issued their credit cards. It is becoming more important every day for restaurant owners to understand the importance of having a fast and secure method to process credit and debit card transactions, but it is also equally important for restaurant owners to understand what they are being charged and why they are being charged certain fees to process these payments. There are different types of restaurant merchant accounts with different interchange plus pricing options.

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Online orders made easy:

You can get a simple credit card machine or a specialized restaurant point of sale system depending on the type and size of restaurant that you are operating. We can help you get set up with a credit card processing terminal with a simple cash register or a detailed POS system with POS software that enables you to put your menu online and accept online orders.

Restaurants that are able to take orders online through their website or POS system drastically increase their potential customer base while also freeing up their phones and servers time from handling a lot of phone calls. The pick-up and delivery services that you offer will greatly improve with our restaurant POS systems, because we streamline the entire process and make a lot of it completely automated. Allowing your customers to easily order your food online and pay with the card of their choice will make it much more likely that they order food from your restaurant over the competition that doesn’t offer simple online ordering yet. Simply put: accepting orders and credit cards online makes any restaurant more profitable.

We are trying to figure out how to get our POS systems to help make and serve the food, so we can claim to do everything your restaurant needs.

EMV compatibile free credit card processing terminals

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Tableside credit card processing:

We have different wireless options for restaurants that want to improve customer satisfaction and credit card security by accepting credit and debit card payments right at the table, so the card never has to leave your customer’s site. Who hasn’t gotten a little nervous at a restaurant, when a server left with a credit or debit card to pay for the bill? Making the it easy for your customers to pay at the table has shown to dramatically increase customer satisfaction. We have POS software and card readers that can plug into smart phones, iPads, Android tablets and wireless credit card processing terminals.


Caterer credit card processing

BankCard POS can find the best merchant account and POS solution for any type of restaurant nationwide.

Comfortable serve food and accept credit or debit card payments anywhere:

Farmer markets, tradeshows, flea markets, food trucks and catering services across the country are making a lot more money with recent wireless credit card processing solutions being made available over the last few years. The days of not being able to accept credit and debit cards quickly and affordably at the venues is a thing of the past. There are many reasons that restaurant owners find the need or simply desire to provide food at these events and BankCard POS has a lot of solutions to make this happen without costing an arm and a leg. There isn’t a huge need for extra POS hardware as we can give you the tools you need to accept cards right through your phone or mobile device, so you can keep costs low while increasing profits at every opportunity.

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