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What Is A Point Of Sale-POS-System?

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What Is A Point Of Sale-POS-System?

BankCard POS is a leader in Restaurant POS systmes & POS Software

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And why is a good value on a POS System vital for a Restaurant or Retail Business?

A Point-of-Sale or POS system in today’s world is much more than a simple cash register especially in restaurants and retail small businesses. Many different types of businesses require a good POS system to maintain competitiveness in today’s high paced world. Some industries that require a good POS system are restaurants, hotels, beauty salons, hospitality, travel, event centers, casinos, coffee shops, fast food, bars, nail salons, gyms, cafeterias, food trucks, liquor stores, grocery stores, convenience stores, tobacco shops, vapor stores, quick service, fine dining, and many other retail small businesses.  A Point of Sale (POS) system typically refers to the combination of POS Hardware & POS software that a restaurant or retail business is using. Hence, there are Restaurant POS System & Retail POS System options. The term POS system does not include credit card processing for most people, but most POS systems are integrating into a merchant account that enables the merchant to accept all different types of electronic payment including credit, debit, EBT, gift cards, checks, and more. If you provide a service or sell products, then you probably will require a quality POS system sooner or later.

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BankCard POS offers quality POS Systems at Wholesale prices.

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What is a good value on a POS System?

Everyone wants a great deal on their restaurant or retail POS systems, but there is occasionally some discrepancy as to what makes a POS purchase a good value or a bad decision. Most merchants realize that it is important to have the best POS systems with all the extra accounting and service features. However, most POS systems that are available to restaurants and retail businesses that do everything that you want them to typically run a couple thousand dollars per POS station. Spending a couple thousand dollars on a station doesn’t initially sound like a great deal, but some systems cost even more with some POS companies charging as much $5,000-6,000 per station for a “quality” POS system.

Everyone knows that you may not always get what you pay for, but you always pay for what you get. BankCard POS believes that you should actually get everything that you pay for. In fact, we feel that you should get more than you pay for, whenever possible.

We feel that price is an obvious factor, when deciding whether or not a particular POS system is a good value buy for a restaurant and retail location. However, we also feel that features and service is every bit as valuable as getting a good price.

Now, our POS Hardware wholesale partners allow us to provide any type of POS Hardware that you could possibly want and usually at a price that most POS companies can’t touch. If someone can match our POS Hardware prices, warranties, and programs, then we typically smash them on the price of our POS software and credit card processing services. We also setup a lot of restaurants and small business retail locations with iPad or Android tablet POS systems, because that POS hardware tends to be a lot cheaper and easier to install, learn, and use.

We also happen to work with or partner with a lot of various POS software companies. We have worked with some huge POS software companies since 2008 and established thousands of accounts for restaurants and retail locations with these vendors. Having thousands of clients with POS software companies give you some great flexibility on pricing and customer support options. We also have developed our very own POS software, so give us a call to get some information on why we feel confident in our POS software value at 844-538-3576.

Some other absolutely huge aspects one should consider, when deciding whether or not they are getting some quality value out of their POS system deal is customer service, integration cost, update charges, and all the other intangibles like customer reviews.

BankCard POS is going to look really good, when you consider the intangibles, because we provide 24-7 customer service, free integration into websites, free menu building, cheap or free installation (depending on location), unlimited training, and so much more.

Also, check out our Facebook and Google reviews. We have a way better customer service track record than just about any other credit card processor or POS supply company online today.

We Can Install The POS System At No Extra Cost

Cashier Stand/Check-out Counter

A Cashier Stand or Check-out Counter is the spot where people pay for products or services much like a supermarket or department store and these counters can be long counters with conveyor belts or a simple stand with nothing more than a cash register for smaller retail businesses. The location of cashier stand is considered the point of sale or point of purchase, because that is where products are scanned and rung up or bills are paid for services like food or salon treatments.

Point of Sale (POS) Technology consist of both POS hardware and POS software and both are constantly making improvements on technology as advancements in wireless capabilities, iPads, and android tablet are being announced almost daily.

It is hard to believe that point of sale system technology has come so far beyond a simple mechanical cash register like those used in the first half of the 20th century. Some of the original cash registers like the NCR and Burroughs were operated with simple cranks and levers. These original cash registers simply tallied voids and sales on one single line paper tape. IBM came out with a computer POS system in 1973, which was soon followed by other computer based point of sale systems by Datachecked, Rigitel, and TRW. 1973 also was the year that barcode scanners were integrated into point of systems. POS technology history was also made in 1986, because IBM came out with a personal computer (PC) based point of sale system.We can work with old credit card processing terminals

The POS technology industry really exploded in the 80’s and 90’s with new advancements like credit card processing terminals like the Verifone Tranz 330, the Hypercom T7P and eventually the Lipman Nurit 2085 with a lot of these machines still being used today. The credit card processing terminals were top of the line technology during this time period, but the machines of today have evolved to include gift cards, EBT, check verification, and EMV security. Credit card terminals are becoming smaller, more durable, more efficient and capable of providing even more services all the time. There are POS Systems now that allow servers to accept credit or debit cards on a phone, iPad, or Android tablet right at the table!

In the old days POS systems simply rung up products and kept track of cash receipts, but today’s point of sale systems also provides software that integrates into accounting software, keeps track of inventory, helps with employee management, creates & maintains loyalty/reward/ gift card programs, improves Customer Relation Management (CRM), helps with vendor management, and so many more value added features.

EMV compatibile free credit card processing terminals

Give us a call at 844-538-3576 for more information on our EMV compatible credit card processing machines.




We have POS experts at BankCard POS that have personally worked with all of these different types of POS systems and technology thousands of times, so there is value in our experience with these systems for you the merchant, because we probably use your old POS systems and credit card processing terminals, if you are just looking to save money on your merchant account.

BankCard POS Guarantees Customer Satisfaction

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Integration by BankCard POS adds Value:

You can have the best Point of sale (POS) software in the world, but it won’t do you any good, if you can’t integrate it. Unfortunately, some credit card processor companies sell POS systems by offering low POS software monthly fees and upfront cost, but charge you a nice fee to have their IT department integrate the POS software into the point of sale hardware or accounting software. There are a lot of restaurants and retail businesses that have great POS software that doesn’t do all that it can for their business, because they don’t full integration into all their business applications, website, or accounting software. It gives the whole industry a black eye to match the black eye that some credit card processors have given the industry by setting merchants up with tiered pricing for their merchant accounts. Our IT will help you properly integrate your POS software into your POS system, website and accounting software at no additional charge to you the merchant. We want our merchant partners at BankCard POS to enjoy full functionality of their POS software.

Point of Sale in the Restaurant Industry

Point of Sale Systems have changed a lot of industries, but the advancement of POS systems has made the restaurant industry change more than any other. The biggest changes are obvious in the fast food industry, because a lot of franchise use TCP/IP technology to network every POS station in every franchise location to the centralized server mainframe of that particular franchise, which enables a streamlined process for many different elements of that business. POS systems on this scale can literally save businesses millions of dollars every year. The POS systems limit mistakes across the board and provides early warning on loss, inventory, customer, and employee issues. These POS systems greatly reduce mistakes due to human error, which saves large restaurant businesses a ton of money in operating costs and mistakes.
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